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Introducing our Business Intelligence Solution (BI)

Fast, effective, scalable & AFFORDABLE…

Introduction & Problem Statement

  • Every business executive/manager wants to take decisions that are strategic, effective and decisive to drive competitive advantage and increased revenue/profits
  • The key to achieving this is to move from an instinct-driven to a data-driven approach when making business decisions. This is possible because every business already captures data in one form or the other (be it transactional or operational). The task here is to transform these data into clear information that can be presented to business managers in a form that is understandable and easy to further process
  • This leads to the need for a Business Intelligence solution that aggregates data from various sources, processes it and serves it to business managers in a clear language
  • This sounds very easy until requirements and associated cost for implementing a BI solution is presented to decision makers. Most of the time, the cost of infrastructure to power data processing is too high, this is also in addition to expensive implementation cost. Many businesses back out at this point while many just adopt less effective BI solutions.
  • Leveraging advancement in data processing technology, our team has developed a highly affordable, effective, powerful and scalable BI solution that requires no physical infrastructure – Yes we mean it; NO PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE!!!
  • We are driven by a mission to put data in the hands of all business managers/decision makers without breaking the bank

Business Intelligence...

Our approach

We use the unique consulting approach based on deep analysis of our clients companies and businesses.

Our solution runs on distributive computing platform leveraging commodity hardware memory and processor to deliver accurate and precise insight.

Our model is high-end and leverages technology already used by companies like Airbnb, Walmart, Yahoo, Nike etc.

Our solution powers high capacity descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics models that respond to business needs without the hassles of data processing delay.

Our solution provides real-time batch and cognitive data processing engine using modern data storage layer that responds to complex business demands when insight is required for decision making.

Our solution has the capability to process both structured & unstructured data from all available sources transforming them into business-readable insights

The advantages we offer


No software licensing fee because we leverage high end open source big data technology


With very short implementation time – end2end deployment in less than four weeks.


Quick turn-around time for analytics and insight generation because our solution runs on sophisticated distributive and in-memory computing platforms


§We offer a world class and business-friendly data visualization tool with intuitive UI (User Interface) to render processed data to business managers and decision makers